Wine Country Weddings by Reverend Mike

Custom designed, non-denominational, inter-faith and spiritually based wedding ceremonies.

Serving San Luis Obispo County since 2003

Frequently Asked Questions

I try to anticipate questions you might have about my services and will try to provide the answers here. If you need additional information please send an email to: 


  How much does a personalized full service ceremony cost and what does it consist of:     

The price range depends on where your wedding takes place and the type of wedding ceremony you're planning i.e. a simple quiet civil or elopement ceremony or a standard or custom full service package.

A typical full service ceremony would include the following:

·        One-on-one consultation (in person or we can Skype or conference call)

·        Write three different different ceremonies for you to choose from based on the information gleaned from our initial one-on-one consultation i.e secular, spiritual or religious in nature.

·         Customize the ceremony to fit your specific needs i.e. special prayer, reading of poems, songs, etc. Ceremony can include a unity sand, wine blending, candle lighting and wine box ceremony. You may decide to write your own vows or I can write them for you. We can also do a special prayer or poem in remberance of a past family member. 

·         Provide rehearsal assistance (custom package only).

·         Show up early on your wedding day to take care of any last minute details or changes in the ceremony, do a sound check with DJ, say hello to bride and groom, meet with wedding coordinator, etc.

·         Officiate wedding.

·         Fill out and sign marriage license, obtain witness signatures and mail license back to the issuing county clerk's office.

·         Provide a written contract.

Note:Once I have determined the type of ceremony you’re planning and the location I will quote a firm price.



How long is the ceremony and do we need to have a rehearsal?

In my experience the typical standard wedding ceremony lasts 20 to 25 minutes. I view the rehearsal as an extension of the entire wedding experience, with two primary goals in mind. First, is to provide a space for making connections between family and friends. Second, (if you don't have a wedding coordinator) is to walk through all of the "movements" of the ceremony to make sure the processional and recessional happens in accordance to your desires. Plan 30 to 45 minutes for the rehearsal.


What about our marriage license?

Your local County Clerk’s office is where you’ll apply for a marriage license. The license is good in all 58 counties of California. After the wedding, I will send in the finished paperwork for you, unless you decide otherwise.


What is your Officiant and wedding experience background?

I’m an ordained minister and have a solid background in the history of ritual, ceremony and the traditions of many cultures, beliefs and religions. I’m an expert at managing rehearsals and performing weddings and experienced in the art of ceremonial public speaking.


Do you provide your own microphone/sound system?

No. Most couples have DJ services, which can provide all the necessary sound and microphone equipment. If not, we’ll work with the venue event coordinator regarding a sound system.